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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a commercial Flying School?

No, we are not. We are a ‘not for profit’ flying club which is run by members for members. We do make a profit on our flying rates, but any surplus revenue goes back into the club and is used to improve facilities for our members.


Who runs the club?

The club is run by a board of nine volunteer directors who are registered at Companies House. The main administration roles which are undertaken by the directors are Chairman, Secretary, CFI (Chief Flying Instructor), Head of Training, Engineering, GDPR and Safety and Compliance. They have direct control of the club and its members.


What does it cost to get a Pilot’s Licence?

That’s a difficult one to answer. It all depends on how quickly you learn and the frequency of your lessons. The minimum amount of hours to qualify for a PPL (Private Pilots Licence) is 45, however, not many people qualify in that amount of time, the average is around 55 - 60 hours however some people take a lot longer. All our current rates are on our website under ‘Rates & Times’.


What instructors do you have?

We have a wide range of flying instructors from various backgrounds. Some are serving commercial pilots, some are retired commercial pilots as well as serving in the RAF and we also have some who have gained their PPL and gone on to gain a Flying Instructor rating.


My son wants to learn to fly but he is only 13, can he start lessons straight away?

Yes he can, however he won’t be able to go solo until he is 16 years old and won’t be able to get a licence until he is 17. The first solo happens fairly early on in the syllabus, sometimes as little as 7 or 8 hours in and the rest of the course can’t continue in earnest until this has been achieved, so a 13 year old would get quite frustrated having to wait so long before he can progress. What we suggest in these situations is to probably have a flying lesson every one or two months to keep his interest and then start the course in earnest when he’s nearing his 16th birthday.


Are your instructors DBS checked?

Yes they are, and we require them to renew this every three years.


Do you run ground school courses?

Yes, this is usually held during the autumn and winter months in-house as classroom sessions which are normally held in the evenings during the week. Some subjects (there are nine) have longer classroom sessions than others but they all culminate in an exam at the end of each course. If you prefer you can self-learn at home and then just come in and take the exam but our classroom sessions are an easier way to learn and are an excellent opportunity to meet other members. There is a small charge made for each classroom session and exam.


Will I need a medical exam?

Yes you will, and you will need to have one before you go solo. The frequency of medical exams all depends on your age and the older you get, the more frequent they will become. You will also need an ECG at some point, also on a regular basis dependent on age. We can put you in touch with an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) who will do this for you and there will be a charge. If you wish to train for the restricted LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots Licence) your GP will be able to sign you off as being fit to fly but may also make a charge for this.


Will I need any special clothing to fly?

No. Our aircraft are very comfortable to be in and you only need to dress as if you were travelling in a family car. There is no need to wear large bulky clothing as this will restrict your movements and ability to control the aircraft. All our aircraft have heaters in them should you get cold. We recommend wearing flat heeled and soled sensible footwear - flip flops, heavy boots and stiletto heels for instance are not the sort of footwear you should be wearing when flying.


Can my friend sit in the back while I’m having a lesson?

If you are taking a trial lesson with us, this can be acceptable but is the decision of your instructor on the day so don’t be disappointed if he or she doesn’t allow it. When learning to fly, we don’t really allow back seat passengers as you need to concentrate on what you are doing which can be very distracting if someone is sitting behind you. The only time the back seats will be filled during your training is when you practice what we call an ‘all up weight and go around’ which is demonstrating how differently an aircraft will handle when it’s full of people.


What days are you open?

We fly seven days a week but as our reception desk isn’t manned all the time, during the week can get a little quiet inside the clubhouse. There are more people around at the weekends and some directors are in attendance at those times should you need to speak with one.


Do you offer a package deal to get my licence?

No we don’t. All of our flying is taken on a pay-as-you-go basis and is paid for when the lesson / flight has been completed. Beware of some companies who offer a set price to get your licence - the prices quoted are for the minimum amount of hours needed to qualify (45) and do not include any extra hours you may need, which is almost inevitable. Our rates are some of the keenest in the area and offer excellent value for money.


Do I have to pay to become a member of the club?

Yes, you do. We currently charge £120 per year to be a full flying member and the membership year runs from the 1st July until the 31st June the following year.


I am a licensed pilot with my own aircraft and just want to use the club to revalidate my SEP rating. Do I have to be a full member?

No, you don’t. We offer a two month temporary membership for just £30 which entitles you to fly with a club instructor or examiner in club aircraft. If you wish to go solo in club aircraft you will need to be a full flying member.

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